Program & Services

Here you can find a comprehensive view of what we offer at our child care centre.

Group Child Care

30 Months to School Age

Multi-Age Child Care

1 Month to 12 Years

Arts & Crafts

Imagination and Self-Expression are both vital in your child’s development as they begin the process of communicating visually. Children learn about symbolic communication and as well as being able to more easily comprehend literacy and mathematical concepts.

Skill Development

Interacting with puzzles and other educational games can provide the right material for children to build basic skills. Physical, Cognitive, and Emotional skills are developed with the help of these tools.

Active Play

As soon as children begin to walk, active play becomes a vital part of their lives. We introduce a range of games and activities that help develop their full range of fundamental movement skills.

Wellness & Health

At our centre, we pride ourselves in keeping a healthy and clean environment. Children are able to learn the importance of eating the right foods, cleaning after themselves and keeping a tidy play space.

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