a nourishing environment for your child

Our Child Care Centre is revolves around play base learning while enhancing children’s creativity and problem solving skills.


Integrated early services are the perfect example of how by working together towards a common goal. Parents and communities can help children thrive and reach their full potential.

Arts & Crafts

Children derive many important benefits from the opportunity of working with arts and crafts projects, making creative activities worthwhile in your home. They learn and develop in essential ways while creating a beautiful mess. As your child creates a work of art, she has begun the process of communicating visually.

Active Play

Play-based learning impacts the development of children’s social and cognitive abilities, and academic skills. Children learn best when they are mentally active and interact with materials in a meaningful way, play-based learning should become an inherent aspect of their home and school environment.

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About Us

Established in April 2017, Sing And Smile Childcare has striven to be a leader in Early Childhood Education. We believe in providing the most stimulating and nourishing environment for your child.

What our clients say about us…

It’s great! My daughter’s leaning a lot and making so many friends! All of the staff and teachers are great!


My son is going to Kindergarten and he learned a lot from the centre. The teachers are excellent! Great environment!